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About Us

Ariab Mining Company (AMC) is the leading mining company in Sudan and East Africa. It has been incorporated as a multinational private mining company in 1991 in Sudan to explore, exploit, mine, process, and sell of Gold and other associated minerals.
AMC established as a successful model resulted from the governmental cooperation in the fields of geological researches between Sudan and France. At establishment the shareholdings of the company where distributed as 56% for Sudan Government and 44% for Cominor a Canadian/French Company. More recently the shareholding restructured to 95% for Sudan Government and 5% for the Industrial Development Bank.
Since then, AMC has produced over 85 tons of Gold and 37 tons of Silver through heap leaching techniques from one of its two large concessions known as Hassai region which is part of the Red Sea series of mountains. The company transports its employees, production etc. using its owned modern DHC jet.

Our Vision

To lead the multi-minerals mining sector in Africa

Our Mission 

To lead the mining industry in Sudan & Africa, by setting a benchmark in operational excellence, enhancing the efficiency and level of extraction, adopting latest technologies, responsibly managing the HSSE and environmental issues, attracting and retaining diversified talent and contributing to the development of local communities.