Our Concessions

B18: Duredeb
Ariab Mining Company also detains a second concession (Bloc18) located 250 Km south of Port Sudan near the main city of Derudeb at the Sudan -Eritrean border. Previous exploration in the area has confirmed the existence of VMS type deposit similar to those of Bloc11
One of them is the SBR/VMS deposit of Tagoteb and many other known potential with Manganese, Tungsten, Zinc and Cu. The recent geophysical survey on the western part of Bloc 18 has led to the discovery of important SBR/VMS deposits that AMC is planning to develop in 2016
Road, camp infrastructure, wells, proximity to Derudeb City (electricity, network, water, Hospital)
Easy access through asphaltic road passing in the concession and proximity to the harbour make the BLOC 18 the best project one can invest on for Exploration and mining.
The under explored Eastern part of the bloc represents more than 11000 km⊃2; poorly Explored with potential of discovery of Au associated with iron ore deposits

B11: Hassai

Hassai mine site is situated on the Bloc 11 belonging to Ariab Mining Company. The site infrastructures and mining operations are located 450km North East of Khartoum and 350Km by land South West the harbour of Port Sudan. 75 Km of paved road links the mine site to the inter-state High way to Port Sudan. The site host a national air strip that makes airline access easy throughout the year. The location coordinates are between 18º00’ and 19º25’ latitudes and 34º30' and 36º30' Longitudes in the western part of Red Sea hills series.