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The Hassaï mining area has been in operation since 1992, with over a dozen open pits developed over the years to extract high-grade oxide ore. Most of the ore mined to date comes from the enriched upper zone of a much larger mineralized system. The deeper VMS deposits that are the primary source of the gold can be seen at the bottom of at least six of the pits.
AMC began drilling on Three of the most promising VMS targets in late 2007 with the intention of confirming and quantifying their potential. In September 2009, a NI 43-
101 compliant resource estimate was released for the first target, at the bottom of the Hassaï South pit, and in November 2009, a second estimate followed for the target at
the bottom of the Hadal Awatib pit. In 2011 and 2013 drilling campaign focused in Hadal Awatib , Hassai and Hadayamet filling between holes to obtain indicated & measured reserve
Drilling and mining has located VMS-style base metal mineralisation at 10 other deposits, indicating
significant potential to expand the resource base.