Sustainable development

Along its work, AMC has significantly contributed to development of the surrounding areas and local communities. AMC worked on modernizing the central village of BirAjjam through the construction of Primary and Secondary schools, hospital, water supply and women and youth development facilities.
The contribution of AMC covers Hosheeb, Mooset, Rehooda, Eikidi and other 8 villages and local communities with Educational facilities and support, medical care facilities (including child care) and hygienic water supply, storage and distribution services.
Moreover AMC contributes to communities outside Ariab area covering support to universities, children welfare and other community activities alone or jointly with local and international NGOs

Incorporated the sustainability of the development of the local community as part of our plans

o  Excellent relationship with trade unions and friendly collective bargaining

o  Excellent relationship with local communities

o  Service 9 villages for local community and 4 villages for local workers with water, power and health care

o  Provide medical care, hospitalization and emergency service

o  Use Solar and other renewables for water pumping and lightening

o  Built primary and secondary schools

o  Built water dams and dig water wells

o  Provide computers and teaching aid.

o  Provide housing and incentives for teachers and medical staff

o  Support local community students in university and colleague study