expression of interest

Expression of Interest

Ariab Mining Company) AMC (is a leading mining company in Sudan and East Africa.

It has been incorporated as a multinational private mining company in 1991 in Sudan to explore, exploit, mine, process, and sell of Gold and other associated minerals.
AMC established as a successful model resulted from the governmental cooperation in the fields of geological researches between Sudan and France, currently AMC is owned by Sudan government.

AMC head quarter is located in Khartoum, Sudan.

AMC is seeking for national or international partners to explore, develop and mine poly metals VMS ore deposit from predetermined (evaluated) targets in Block 11, Red Sea State, mine gold by processing of tailing dumps (tailing of the previous operation) and exploration and development of block18.

AMC hereby invites all interested companies to submit an expression of interest letter (EoI) for the project /(s) with company profile, the letter has to be addressed to the Technical Manager of AMC, and should be submitted to AMC head office in Khartoum or electronically to the email address:   

­­­­­­­­­­­­  Investors@   no later than Wednesday July 7th, 2021.