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Health, Safety, Security & Environmental Policy

At Ariab Mining Company Limited (AMC), we are committed to integrating Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) excellence into our operational activities to ensure the safety and security of our employees, contractors, visitors, and the communities we operate in, and the environment.
HSSE excellence is a core value of AMC and we will meet all applicable HSSE, regulations and other requirements to maintain sustainable development.

The following principles will guide us to fulfill our HSSE Commitments:

1. The top management of AMC is committed and obliged not to allow for any business whatsoever compromising the HSSE objectives and goals. The management will always drive for proactive mindset in relation to hazards and effects mitigation.
2. Maintain governing system for HSSE in line with ISO 9001 and OSHAS 18001 and the international workable standards and continuously improve such system.
3. Design and operate AMC facilities and operations with sufficient HSSE precautions and measures to prevent events that could have undesired HSSE adverse impacts.
4. Foster continuous improvement and operational excellence in all business practices and ensure employees involvement in such programs.
5. Develop and foster a proactive HSSE culture among company’s employees and third parties so as to improve and enhance company’s business processes and Practices.Provide them with the skills, knowledge and tools that will enable them to be accountable for performing their work in compliance with HSSE requirements and in a responsible Manner.AMC management encourages employees and all its stakeholders to think safely, act safely and react safely even in their private lives.
6. Not to harm people, their properties or the environment and seek elimination or at least reduction of the impact of any accident to the practically possible minimum level.
7. Work with efficiency to minimize waste from operations, and preventing pollution.
8. Our product stewardship commitment is embodied in our willingness to share relevant safety, health and environmental information with our customers and suppliers. We also commit to continually improve the understanding of our products' life cycle impacts.
9. We will seek partnerships with contractors and third party service providers who believe as we do, that accidents are preventable and that promoting safe work behaviors and ensuring environmental compliance is critical to achieving HSSE excellence.
10. We will communicate and engage with employees, authorities, the communities in which we Operates,neighbors, customers and investors on our HSSE performance.

In adhering to this policy AMC shall:

1. Ensure proper communication of the HSSE policy to all employees and relevant parties and the motivation and commitment of all employees, vendors and contractors to abide by this policy.
2. Encourage third parties that deal with AMC to achieve standards that not less than those which have been established for company’s own performance.
3. When using media, the policy is to provide true, accurate and sufficient information about company’s products, services and performance to help stakeholders making informed choices.

Nasr Eldin Elhussein
General Manager
28th of February 2016