AMC has been actively mining and exploring gold in this geologically prospective area recognized as one of the premier areas in the world for exploration and mining of polymetalic deposits. The high gold potential associated has been proven through 24 years of gold mining that yields more than 70 tons from Veins and essentially from the Silico-Baritic-Rocks (SBR) , representing the top oxidized parts of Volcanogenic Massive sulphide deposits (VMS). The Company has developed and certified to NI-43-101 standards some world class Gold -Copper-Zinc resources during the last decade. Two of these VMS deposits will pass to the next phase of Feasibility studies as Cu-Au and Cu-Au-Zn deposits
AMC was the first mining company to use the Heap Leach technique in Sudan. As heap leach is one of the conventional processes, AMC has developed a strong measure to ensure the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the process. HSSE has been well considered to mitigate any leakage of the heap leach solutions outside the process channels.
• The heap leach plant which started in 1991, is located in the center of the current active mines, 8 Km NW of KAM mine and 13 Km SE of HAE mine.
• The plant capacity is 200 t/h, 24/day , 7 days a week based on 3 shifts/day.
• The plant utilizes dry crushing and milling for two types of ore, quartz and SBR (Silica Barite) using two separate comminution and size reduction circuits.
• Rotating drum agglomeration with cement as a binder is utilized as well as radial stacking system.
• The plant uses drip irrigation system utilizing dilute cyanide solution as a lixiviant.
• Gold recovery is a CIC system with modified Zadra electro-winning Process.